David Andahl: North Dakota candidate dies from Covid, seems to be winning

David Andahl: North Dakota candidate dies from Covid, seems to be winning

The Republican nominee is expected to win one of two seats among four candidates in the race for the 8th District of North Dakota. It received about 35.53% of the total votes, according to unofficial results by the State. GOP candidate Dave Nehring is expected to win the other seat, with about 40.72% of the vote.
Andahl’s death in October raised questions about what would happen if he won the November election. The North Dakota Attorney General issued one opinion stating that the situation will be treated as a decision of the official to resign or withdraw, which means that the Republican Party of the region will appoint a representative to fill his vacancy.
His family announced that he died of the virus in a statement on his Facebook campaign page last month. He was 55 years old.

“Our beloved son David died yesterday after a brief battle with COVID-19,” the Oct. 6 statement said. “He was very careful especially because he had some health challenges, but he could not deal with this disease. We are broken and we ask to remember him not from how he died, but from how he lived “.

Andahl’s death comes as North Dakota deals with a worrying number of coronavirus cases. The affairs in the state were steady climbing from mid-August to Tuesday, North Dakota peaked at an average of seven days of new daytime events.

Andahl has been endorsed by prominent government officials

Bismarck resident Andahl was a rancher, land builder and retired professional driver, according to his obituary at Bismarck Tribune. He spent 16 years on the Burleigh Spatial Planning Committee, chairing the committee for eight years.
Defeated longtime incumbent Governor Jeff Delger in a June championship, with approvals by North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer.

“I join the Republican Party in District 8 and Governor Doug Burgum in supporting David Adal because we need more Republican Trump in the state legislature,” Kramer said in a statement earlier this year. “I know David Andahl will support our Ag producers and fight for coal.”

Adal’s family thanked the supporters who had played a role in his efforts for the House.

“He has been a civil servant for many years and was looking forward to the opportunity to serve in the state legislature,” his family said in a statement. “We are sad that his wish will not come true. “We thank all of you who have supported David in the past and we ask for your continued support and prayers as we make arrangements to celebrate his life.”

Andahl’s posthumous election victory, though relatively rare, is unheard of.

Dennis Hof, the Nevada Prostitute Owner and a self-proclaimed winner, won a race for the state legislature in the 2018 midterm elections about three weeks after his death. Since 2000, at least five other candidates have also won elections after their deaths.

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