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United Airlines planes will be parked at San Francisco International Airport on April 12. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

United Airlines said on Wednesday that it now requires all passengers to certify their health before boarding a flight.

The airline is the first to require all passengers to complete a health questionnaire to check for corona as part of check-in.

The questionnaire includes asking passengers to certify that they have not had any symptoms of coronavirus in the last 14 days or positive for the virus in the last 21 days.

It also asks passengers to agree to wear a face mask during the flight, which is an airline policy, but not a federal requirement.

A United Airlines flight attendant, Susannah Carr, testified before the House Transport Committee on Tuesday that her colleagues had discussed “the fact that passengers don’t like wearing the mask can take off for longer than just eating or drink. It is definitely an issue that we need to address. ”

The airline said customers who “are unable to confirm these requirements” will be “able to reschedule their flight”.

There are no government or industry-level requirements for this broad type of health control.

The airlines have asked the Transportation Safety Administration to carry out a temperature control of passengers, but so far the service has not decided to do so.

There has been a health check by government officials at some airports, especially for incoming international passengers, and Frontier says the temperature of each passenger is needed to check for fever before boarding.

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