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Coronavirus “brought this nation to its knees”, says CDC director

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Dr. Anthony Fauci told the House Energy and Trade Committee on Tuesday that Americans should avoid the crowd – but if necessary, wear a mask.

Simply put, Fauci said, ‚ÄúPlan A: Don’t go in large numbers. Plan B: If you do, make sure you are wearing a mask. “

The leading infectious disease specialist in the United States said that with coronary artery disease spreading across the country, “you don’t have to concentrate on crowds. You have to keep your distance. “

For those who oppose public health guidance to avoid crowds, Fauci urged: “Please wear a mask. And as you wear a mask, and you are in a situation where you are alive in a demonstration or in a rally or wherever you are, avoid – as best as possible – the impetus to pull your mask down and shout. “

Addressing the younger generation earlier in the hearing, Fauci said: “If you become infected and spread the infection – even if you do not get sick – you are part of the process of the dynamics of a hearth. And what you can spread, inadvertently – perhaps innocently – infects someone who then infects someone, who is then someone who is vulnerable. “

Some background: Fauci’s comments come as officials in southern states warn against this more young people are positive for corona.

Demographic changes have been recorded in parts of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and other countries – many of which were some of the first to reopen.

And while some officials have pointed out that more extensive testing is being done, others say the new cases come from Americans who are not socially distant.

Young people are more likely to have milder effects than corona, but they can still infect others who are at higher risk.

“With the latest age of recent infections in at least some places like Florida, expect a lower death rate on this wave … until today’s 20-40 year olds who are infected continue to infect others,” said Dr. Tom Frieden. the former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Twitter.

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