China says it will not take part in nuclear talks until the United States reduces its arsenal

China says it will not take part in nuclear talks until the United States reduces its arsenal

The Chinese military currently has far fewer nuclear weapons than the United States or Russia, and both have at least 5,000 nuclear warheads.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly called on China to participate in the negotiations on nuclear weapons control between the United States and Russia, but Beijing said it is indisputable, while its nuclear arsenal is still relatively small.

“I can assure you that if the United States declares that it is ready to go down to the Chinese level (of nuclear weapons), China will be happy to do so the next day. But in fact we know it is not going to happen,” said Fu Kong, chief of staff. China’s foreign ministry’s weapons control service told a news conference in Beijing on Wednesday.

Trump wants China to join a three-dimensional treaty to replace Measures for Further Reduction and Reduction of Strategic Offensive Weapons, known as the New START nuclear deal between Washington and Moscow, which is expected to expire in 2021. .

New negotiations are already under way between the United States and Russia, but the Chinese government has categorically refused to take part in any. nuclear deal with the US.

Fu said that while China was a “strong supporter of nuclear disarmament”, Beijing’s position in the tripartite talks had become clear “many times over”.

“China is not interested in participating in the so-called tripartite talks, given the huge gap between China’s nuclear arsenal and those of the United States and the Russian Federation,” Fu said.

“For us, this tripartite negotiation is nothing more than a ‘hoax’ to use a word from the President of the United States,” he said, referring to a favorite term of Donald Trump.

Speaking on June 24, Marshall Billingslea, the top US envoy for nuclear talks, said Beijing had an “obligation” to negotiate and accused the Chinese government of being involved in “rapid development” of its nuclear program to achieve parity. with the US and China.

Fu dismissed allegations that there was a rapid escalation of China’s nuclear missile capabilities and accused the United States of trying to use China as an excuse to circumvent its commitments to the treaty.

“The real purpose is to get rid of all restrictions and have a free hand in the search for military superiority over any opponent, real or imaginary,” he said.

Experts believe that there are nine nuclear-capable states: China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Everyone except North Korea is believed to have developed enough weapons to grow easily.

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