Cam Newton says he will not change the way he dresses

Cam Newton says he will not change the way he dresses

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Cam Newton he can change as a player, but he does not change his style.

Newton said Monday that while agreeing with strong criticism from former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia about Newton’s clothing choices, Newton will not dress differently.

“Go to this game with two touchdowns, four interceptions, throw what? Three more interceptions? “Garcia said after the 33-6 defeat of New England, through USA Today. “You get in the second half, there is nothing good. Why dress to pay more attention to yourself? I would try to ask the equipment managers, “Put me in your cart and slide me through the back door and he will show up at the stadium and do the best I can.”

“Do you know what is crazy? “I agree with him,” Newton told WEEI on Monday USA Today. “And the fact that he is a former player, he has every right to say that. And until that happens, let it be. But this is another theory, and it is fair to say. I know I come to many different people in many different ways, and that’s okay. You know what, he’s right. But I do not change the way I dress. Sorry. . . .

“I do not know Jeff, but I would say it: I do certain things because of the culture I come from. And where I’m from – I do not know where Jeff is from and I do not want to do it for long – but let’s just say he’m right “

Today, most people look at Newton’s outfit and performance on the field and say, “Who cares?” And those who are interested, honestly, should not. At a time when we all have much better things to worry about, no one should spend a second obsessing over what other people do when it comes to their personal lives.

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