Burnley condemns "White Lives Matter" banner that fell over Etihad Stadium in Premier League match against Manchester City

Burnley condemns “White Lives Matter” banner that fell over Etihad Stadium in Premier League match against Manchester City

Since the resumption of the English Premier League last week, all players of the top 20 clubs have replaced their names with the message “Black Lives Matter” on the back of their shirts.

“We want to make it clear that those responsible are not welcome in Turf Moor,” Burnley said in a statement.

“This in no way represents what the Burnley Football Club means and we will work fully with the authorities to identify those responsible and issue bans for life.

“The association has a proud record of cooperating with all races, religions and denominations through its award-winning community plan and resists all forms of racism.

“We are fully behind the Premier League’s Black Lives Matter initiative and, according to all the other Premier League games started by Project Restart, our players and the football staff willingly got on their knees at the start. Manchester City. “

“We apologize unreservedly to the Premier League, Manchester City and all those who are helping to promote Black Lives Matter. “”

Manchester City won the game 5-0 to keep alive their hopes of retaining the Premier League title.

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“She is ashamed and ashamed”

Monday’s game was the 12th game in the Premier League since the season resumed after the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to the support of the Black Lives Matter, the players of the Premier League made a knee after the referee blew his whistle to start matches.

“I’m ashamed and ashamed that a small number of our fans decided to fly around the pitch,” defender Burnley Ben May told Sky Sports after the game.

“These people have to come in the 21st century and train themselves. They don’t represent who we are, the club is, the players are and the majority of the fans are.

“It simply came to our notice then. The club tried to stop it. I have heard that it is a small number who have settled it and I hope it will not happen again. I don’t want to associate it with my club. I don’t want to see it in the game. “

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