Bryson DeChambeau tried to be "greedy" and Augusta National did not have it

Bryson DeChambeau tried to be “greedy” and Augusta National did not have it

AUGUST, Ga – Bryson DeChambeau finally found his t-shirt in the pine straw left by the aisle in the 14th hole at Augusta National on Thursday.

Brawny Bryson turned his head and did not ask anyone in particular, “That obviously caught a tree, right?”

Yes, this one and many more of DeChambeau’s shots found timber or something other than reports in the first round of the Masters.

DeChambeau, the betting favorite to enter the first Masters ever played in November, could not keep his ball on the fairway and did not do much better on the greens.

His wild ride in the first 18 holes, which included a birdie back to back in the last two holes to apply a little sensation to his wounds, led to an opening score of 2-under 70.

The disappointing start certainly did not get him out of contention with 54 holes to play, but it was not exactly what he had in mind. Especially not since he suggested earlier this week that he planned to do it himself with 67 – five shots below the actual 72 – because his new t-shirt length would allow him to reach each of the par 5s in two shots.

A day after National August president Fred Ridley said the sport was “at a crossroads as it relates to the issue of distance”, DeChambeau’s thriving and violent moves were not as advantageous as he and others might have thought.

“This golf course, as long as I try to attack it, you know it can bite,” Decamp said. “It’s still the Augusta National and it’s still the Masters. It’s an amazing golf test, no matter how you play.”

After a three-hour delay due to bad weather, which rained about 2 inches along the way, DeChambeau started conservatively, hitting a 3-pointer from his 10th jersey, his first hole of the day. He hit the second shot about six feet above the hole, but then lost a slider down for the birdie and reached par.

There were warning signs as early as par-4 11th, when he pulled his T-shirt into the woods below the left side of the aisle. He found his ball and fell to save the same with a 13-footer.

After a draw in the 12th, his offensive plan fell sharply. In par-5 13th, he bounced his shirt off a tree and into the pine straw on the right side. For a moment, DeChambeau discussed whether to lie down and play for a birdie – or try to reach the green from 194 meters in the hopes of an eagle.

His ball landed near the same point from where Phil Mickelson He famously hit his ball on the green during the final round in 2010 on the way to winning a third green jacket.

It did not go almost as well for DeChambeau, who fired his shot to the left and to the azaleas above the green warehouses. Worse still, he hit a temporary shot – in case they could not find the ball from the first shot – and threw it into a flowing tributary of Rae’s Creek.

DeChambeau was lucky that his caddy, Tim Tucker, found his first ball buried in the azaleas. Forced to take a drop for an impenetrable lie, he failed to get up and settle for a double stretcher.

“At the end of the day, I had to be smarter and hit it off and take my medicine,” he said. “I’m greedy. Sometimes I get a little greedy and I like to take risks. You have to take risks to win tournaments.”

For a long time on Thursday, Dekabau’s aggression seemed to cost him his chances of winning major back-to-back major leagues after winning the US Open with six shots in September.

After flirting with the idea of ​​using a 48-inch driver, the one most allowed by golf rules insisted on the 45-inch version. He had several problems with the smallest. He averaged 334.6 yards from the t-shirt, but found only eight of the 14 exhibits.

“Not great, not my best,” Decamp said of his driving. “I have a little, I guess you could say, tight. I was not comfortable with my golf swing. Normally, when I’m really comfortable with my golf swing, I can go faster and faster. I just have to figure out what’s going on, because I’m a little further left. “

There were still a few moments from Brawny Bryson. After hitting a 346-yard track in the 15th hole par-5, 530 yards, hit a 7-iron on the green. Playing partner Louis Oosthuizen joked that they both used a 7-club; the South African was a 7-wood.

In the fifth hole par-4, 495-yards, DeChambeau broke a path of 347 yards down the aisle. His ball ended up about 90 meters away from the champion five times Tiger WoodsHe made two teams later.

“Fortunately for us, he was not very straight in the first holes,” said the Spaniard. John Rach, who also played with DeChambeau. “The trees stopped his balls, and they were somewhat equivalent to us. There were some of them that were reality checks.”

Rach, who shot 3-under 69, recognized DeChambeau’s short play and agility ability to save his lap.

“It’s a different golf course, but I think [Thursday] it proves no matter how far you hit it, you have to do putts, “Rahm said.

If you do not believe Ram, think about it: Decaba was an average of 334.6 yards from the jersey. 62 years old Larry Meze on average 247.4. They both shot 70 in the first round on Thursday.

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