Boris Johnson says UK could pull out of Brexit talks within weeks if no agreement is reached

Boris Johnson says UK could pull out of Brexit talks within weeks if no agreement is reached

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in comments released ahead of a speech Monday that the country would leave the European Union (EU) without an agreement if EU negotiators and his government could not reach a free trade agreement before from October 15.

The Associated Press reported Johnson’s office issued remarks Sunday urging EU negotiators to “reconsider their current positions”, with the top negotiator saying the country would not stick to demands it believes the body does not make from other nations with which the EU has trade agreements.

“If we can not agree by then, I do not see that there will be a free trade agreement between us, and we have to accept that and move on,” Johnson told the EU summit in mid-October.

His comments came the same day his top negotiator, David Frost, told a British tabloid that the UK would not “accept a level playing field that locks us in the way the EU does things”, according to the AP.

The UK and EU are negotiating the details of a free trade agreement for months after the UK leaves the body politic in early 2020. The economic relationship currently maintained by an 11-month transition period is expected to end in December. 31, after which the United Kingdom will leave the single market and the EU customs union.

Leaving without an agreement could have dire consequences for the UK economy, which could be affected by large backup ports of trade due to changes brought about by Brexit, as well as by the UK border with Ireland. , which were to remain open under conditions dictated by an agreement between the EU and the UK last year.

“That would be a very absurd way to go,” the Irish foreign minister said on Sunday.

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