Black Lives Matter protests and George Floyd monument service

Black Lives Matter protests and George Floyd monument service

In the city of Bristol in the United Kingdom, protesters on Sunday took down a statue of a 17th-century slave trader in solidarity with the Black Life movement.

Protesters tied up a 5.5-meter (18-foot) bronze statue of Edward Colston with a rope before overturning it, celebrating by the crowd.

Activists later saw the statue roll in the nearby harbor and thrown into the Avon River.

Colston, born in Bristol in 1636, was an active member of the board of the Royal African Company (RAC) for 11 years, taking on the leading role of deputy governor from 1689–90.

The company, which had a monopoly on West African slave trade in the late 17th century, was involved in the sale of tens of thousands of West Africans to the Caribbean and the Americas.

Colston, who is described by Bristol Museum Website as a “respected philanthropist / abused slave trader”, he later donated part of his fortune to charities such as schools and hospitals, a process through which his name became synonymous with some of Bristol’s landmarks.

The Colston statue has been erected in downtown Bristol since 1895, but has become increasingly controversial, with reports being created to demand its removal.

Elsewhere in the UK: Mass protests, with thousands in attendance, also took place in other major cities in the United Kingdom, such as London and Edinburgh.

At least 12 people have been arrested in protests in London, police said late Sunday.

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