Biden has significant cash advantage over Trump in recent weeks, new records show

Biden has significant cash advantage over Trump in recent weeks, new records show

His Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, had nearly three times as much – more than $ 177 million – left in his war, noting how the former vice president’s success in raising money in recent months has left him with a significant money advantage as his campaign in decline development.

Trump’s campaign burned with more money more than it owed last month, spending more than $ 91 million on advertising alone, according to a report he submitted to the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday afternoon. But the president’s campaign has been televised in recent weeks, with Biden hitting him in the air, especially in three states – Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – that helped Trump secure the White House before four years.
A sign of the President’s cash cut: Over the weekend, he flew into deep blue California a high dollar fundraising event say aides brought in $ 11 million for his re-election.

Biden surpassed Trump in both August and September and, along with Democratic committees, began in October with $ 432 million left in the bank. In all, Trump’s political venture – including joint fundraising committees with the Republican National Committee – was expected to report $ 251.4 million in available cash.

But while the president can rely on the broader Republican count to fund his wider re-election push, including a ground-based campaign to oust voters, the campaign’s main account generally handles advertising. TV stations have to offer lower prices to candidates than to other political players, such as super PACs, so that candidate money buys more ads.

Trump has followed Biden in most polls. However, Trump campaign officials insist they have enough funds to prevail, noting that Democrat Hillary Clinton surpassed and surpassed Trump in 2016 and still lost the presidency.

“Trump’s campaign has all the resources we need to get to the polls,” campaign spokeswoman Samantha Zagger said in an email Tuesday night. “We are running a comprehensive campaign that integrates our huge terrestrial game, travel to key states and digital, TV and radio commercials.”

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien this week announced a $ 55 million ad market in the last two weeks of the campaign, which he described as “more than enough air coverage.”

Campaign aides argued that a strong ground operation would oust the President on Election Day. Trump officials say the campaign has 2.5 million volunteers who have helped make more than 118 million phone calls to voters in this election cycle.

CNN’s Betsy Klein and Sarah Westwood contributed to this report.

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