Biden Expands Transition Team, Adding Key Campaign Allies and Top Obama's Policy Hands

Biden Expands Transition Team, Adding Key Campaign Allies and Top Obama’s Policy Hands

Biden adds four co-chairs along with longtime confidant and former Delaware Sen. Ted Kaufman: Obama’s top financial adviser entrusted with the rescue of the devastating website; Governor of New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham, who did Biden appoint vice president; Louisiana spokesman Cedric Richmond, Biden’s top deputy and national co-chair of his campaign. and Anita Dunn, Senior Campaign Advisor.
It has also hit a 15-member advisory board, which includes a one-time 2020 presidential rival, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
The board also includes a former vice-presidential candidate, Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice; Vivek Murthy, the U.S. general surgeon under former President Barack Obama, who has advised Biden’s campaign on campaign policy and tactics coronavirus pandemic; and Sally Yates, the former Deputy Attorney General.
The moves come as Biden’s transition team lays the groundwork – if Biden wins President Donald Trump this fall – for government appointments and actions almost five months away amid rapidly evolving health and economic crises and a national rationale for racial injustice.

“There is no precedent for the challenges. They are 1918, 1932 and 1968 combined, so a serious preparation effort in case of a win is just the right approach,” said David Marchick, who has worked with the transition teams. to both parties as director of the Center for Presidential Transition to the Nonprofit Public Service Partnership.

Adding to the difficulty, he said, is that “this will be the first virtual transition in the history of the United States.”

Biden’s transition team this week signed a memorandum of understanding with Trump’s General Services Administration, a document required by law to formalize how the federal government will assist Biden’s team before the election and if win, then.

The work of transitional groups increases at the end of political party contracts when they gain access to government infrastructure support and can apply for a security clearance.

“We are preparing for this transition in the context of a global health crisis and a struggling economy. It is a transition like no other, and the team that comes together will help Joe Biden meet the urgent challenges facing our country first day, “Kaufman said. in a statement. “The co-chairs, the advisory board and the senior staff are a diverse group of experts committed to helping a potential Biden-Harris government overcome the public health crisis and put Americans back into well-paying jobs.”

Others on the advisory board are Tony Allen, president of the historic University of Black Delaware. Veteran Biden Financial Advisor Jared Bernstein Former Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell; Former US Ambassador to Romania Mark Gitenstein; Environmentalist Cecilia Martinez; Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald Veteran Democratic Agent Mignon Moore; Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women; and Felicia Wong, President of the Roosevelt Institute.

Biden’s transition team is also developing its day-to-day staff, which is led by Johannes Abraham.

Cynthia Hogan, a longtime Biden aide and former Apple lobbyist who helped lead the search for his vice president, is among a group of eight new senior recruits being added to the staff. Other additions include Cecilia Muñoz, chair of the Obama White House Home Policy Council. as well as veterans of Democratic politics and politics Tanya Bradsher, Suzy George, Don Graves, Jessica Hertz, Tara McGuinness and Darla Pomeroy. Graves and Pomeroy are also former employees of Biden.

The presence of Biden’s longtime allies, such as Kaufman and Hogan, as well as veterans of Democratic politics such as Zenins, Rice, Murty and Munoz, could help Biden’s transition team develop plans that would remain in place if Biden defeats Trump.

In 2016, Trump’s transition team faced unrest almost immediately after the election, when former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – who facilitated the effort – stepped down as Trump campaign advisers took over.

Marchick said Biden was wise to choose Richmond and Dunn, who are deeply involved in his campaign, and others who have advised his campaign.

“They have learned from previous pain points in previous transitions and have planned to address all of these pain points to avoid them in the future,” he said.

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