Best early day phone deals 2020: Motorola Razr 5G for $ 1,200, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for $ 600, TCL 10L for $ 210

Best early day phone deals 2020: Motorola Razr 5G for $ 1,200, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for $ 600, TCL 10L for $ 210

Prime Day 2020 of the Amazon launches Tuesday, October 13 – the same day Apple is expected to debut iPhone 12. Although you will not find discounts on the new iPhone on Amazon, it is possible to see some discounted prices on older models like the iPhone 11, along with many other smartphones from other major manufacturers.

Last year, Prime Day brought significant discounts on top phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Moto Z3 Play and the Google Pixel 3XL. Amazon has already started a bunch of sales before the official start of Prime Day and during this period, everything from laptops and Televisions to Alexa devices has a discount.

Here are the best Amazon Prime Day phone deals we’ve found so far – plus another one where Best Buy beats Amazon by $ 5. Please note that prices and availability were accurate at the time of publication, but are subject to change. (And yes, there may be better deals from Tuesday, even on the phones listed below.)

This story will be updated as more offers become available.

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The long-awaited Motorola Razr in 2020 marked the return of the flip phone, along with new cameras, support for 5G and useful improvements to the external fast-viewing screen. Not to mention that it folds to fit snugly in your pocket. (Note that you can take bigger discounts on Razr 5G with exchanges and line activations from wireless providers as well.)

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Chinese electronics giant TCLThe 10L phone was released in May as a landline phone. Although it does not have many amazing features, it handles basic tasks admirably and has an elegant design.

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The Moto G7 Power is a 2019 member of the Motorola G budget phone family, offering a wallet-friendly price, lots of premium features and a giant battery (same size as the one found at $ 1,400 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra). The 2020 Moto G Power – that is, the G, not the G7 – is faster and newer, but it currently costs $ 70 more than this model. If you are on a budget and looking for a phone with an extremely strong battery life, the Moto G7 Power is worth considering. This model is $ 185 on AmazonSo, we associate Best Buy with less than $ 5.

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The Motorola One Zoom is a mid-range phone with great value and a soft matte finish, so you won’t have fingerprints all over your back. It also has four high-quality cameras on the back (and one on the front) and a large battery for up to two days of charging.

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