Auryn prepares to drill Aiviq discovery
Wednesday, Feb 07, 2018
Auryn Resources Inc. has announced it has further refined drill targets at the 2017 high-grade Aiviq discovery, the details of its March 2018 planned spring drill program, and additional results from the Committee Bay 2017 summer program.

Ivan Bebek, Executive Chairman of Auryn stated, “The Aiviq opportunity at Committee Bay not only offers significant discovery potential, it also lies within 12 km of our existing infrastructure at Three Bluffs. As a result, we now have the opportunity to drill Committee Bay both in the spring and summer months.”

Mr. Bebek further stated, “We are also excited to be currently drilling Huilacollo, the first of 4 highly prospective Peruvian projects. We are making positive headway in the communities around both the Sombrero and Baños Del Indio gold projects.  2018 will be a busy year for Auryn as we add significant shareholder value through discoveries across the global portfolio.”

Aiviq Infill Till Results:

The Aiviq discovery drill hole (12.2 meters at 4.7g/t Au) is situated along a 7 kilometer long shear zone that is shedding high-grade boulders and gold-in-tills that was discovered from Auryn’s belt wide regional till survey. Four new high-resolution targets have been defined from infill tills analyzed for gold on 100 meter by 100 meter spacing and will form the basis of Auryn’s follow-up drill program to expand on the Aiviq discovery.

During the 2017 till program, Auryn analyzed indicator elements for gold using portable X-Ray fluorescence technology; however, due to time constraints during the program the till samples were not assayed for gold.  Subsequent to the completion of the 2017 program, these till samples were sent to ALS laboratories for ICP analysis to analyze for gold. The results were very positive as they spatially overlapped the discovery hole at Aiviq with a 500-meter long gold-in-till anomaly and defined three additional target areas totaling 3.0 kilometers of strike length (figure 1).  Auryn’s technical team considers the infill till data as a critical step in the advancement of our exploration process to further define the source areas of gold mineralization under till cover.

Discovery follow-up drilling around drill hole 17RGR003 will be conducted on 25, 50, and 100- meter step outs covering a total of 350 meters to define a potential deposit footprint.  The targets located to the northeast of the discovery are supported by infill tills and high-grade boulders with the drill plan being represented by the green drill collars on Figure 1.  

Michael Henrichsen, COO and Chief Geologist stated, “We are very excited to begin follow up drilling on our 2017 Aiviq discovery.  The additional layer of infill till results provides Auryn’s technical team a higher degree of confidence in defining potential source areas of gold mineralization. These results clearly show the overlapping nature of high-grade mineralization in drilling with gold in tills and high-grade bolder trains.   Each target at Aiviq provides Auryn with the possibility of a significant discovery in this highly prospective shear zone.”

Three Bluffs Targeting:

Targeting at the Three Bluffs deposit will be based on the on-going re-log of the deposit to determine the structural controls on high-grade mineralization and geophysical modeling to target the continuation of the high-grade hinge zone of the deposit to the north east (figure 2).  The goal of the spring 2018 drill program at the deposit is to both expand the resource and to explore for new zones of mineralization that were previously untested.

Figure 1

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