As the situation in Arizona grows, a neighboring Mexican state is trying to shut down the Americans.

As the situation in Arizona grows, a neighboring Mexican state is trying to shut down the Americans.

But this weekend, as Arizona rolls under the weight of the corona, it is Mexico that is trying to prevent the Americans from heading south.

Government officials in Sonora, the Mexican state bordering Arizona, have set up additional checkpoints across the border over the weekend to prevent unauthorized travel and to conduct health checks on people passing through the United States.

In a statement, the governor of Sonoran, Claudia Pavlovic Arelano, said the goal was to prevent “people”. [living in the US] who want to come over the weekend and leave us a heavier weight than Covid. ”

The United States and Mexico agreed to close their common borders in March on all unnecessary activities. It will remain closed at least until the end of July.

Crossroads that are considered necessary for issues such as trade or medical appointments are allowed.

However, Mexican President Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador told reporters on Friday that there had been several recent incidents of people crossing from Arizona to Sonora for non-essential reasons. That’s why he agreed to develop federal resources to help staff at the new checkpoints.

“The Sonora government is guarding the border to keep the rules in place, but [the rules] it’s not new, “he told a news conference Friday morning.

Sonoran government officials have reason to worry about the virus spreading from Arizona. The state recently saw an increase in corona cases, with high increases over the past week as the number of cases approached nearly 100,000. And ICUs in hospitals across the state are approaching capacity.

Sonoran health officials have reported more than 8,000 cases in the state, but that number has more than doubled in the past month as the Mexican epidemic continues to worsen.

In the border communities in the USA and in Mexico, it is common to travel back and forth across borders.

There is an alarm in Sonora that the big US holidays, when families travel for rallies and cooking utensils, could escalate the outbreak in northern Mexico.

Checkpoints will be located at ports and on nearby roads and highways. Popular tourist areas will also be monitored.

“We already know which places … Americans usually visit,” said Governor Pavlovich.

Immigration officials, members of the Mexican National Guard and state police will be deployed to staff the checkpoints, which will run until Sunday, July 5, according to a statement from the Mexican consulate in Tucson.

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