Armenia, Azerbaijan agree on ceasefire, Russian Foreign Ministry says

Armenia, Azerbaijan agree on ceasefire, Russian Foreign Ministry says

The ceasefire will begin at noon on Saturday (4 a.m. ET) and will take place “for humanitarian purposes, for the exchange of prisoners of war, other detainees and the bodies of the deceased.”

The parameters of the ceasefire will be agreed separately, the Foreign Ministry said.

The announcement comes after diplomats met in Moscow and took part in talks mediated by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has been hot and cold since the 1994 ceasefire, but the clashes began on September 27. It is not clear what started this last escalation. Azerbaijan says Armenia provoked the conflict aggressively and Armenia says Azerbaijani forces attacked.

At least 24 civilians have been killed, 121 injured and more than 300 buildings destroyed since then, a spokesman for Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry said.

The area is inhabited and controlled by ethnic Armenians and aided by the Armenian Diaspora, but is located within the territory of Azerbaijan. It is militarily strong and its forces are backed by Armenia, which has a security alliance with Russia.

Azerbaijan has long claimed that it will repeat the territory, which is internationally recognized as Azerbaijan.

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