Apple has rejected sticker applications that promoted mask use, but is now reinstating them

Two Apple developers have been given the green light to promote the use of stickers with sticker pack apps for iOS, having previously received rejections from Apple that suggested they made “inappropriate reports on the COVID-19 pandemic”.

See how this story started:

How could a friendly mask wearing a mask be an inappropriate reference to COVID-19, especially when Apple has its own emoji wearing a mask; That was the question on my mind, which is why I arrived at Apple yesterday.

This morning, Apple responded to that not only The company does not have rules on masked stickers, but both of these examples are perfectly fine – and since then both developers have confirmed that Apple has approved their applications.

It is not clear why they were rejected from the beginning, but Apple says it was careful only to allow medical institutions and health agencies to mention “COVID-19” in the names of applications or their metadata (which opportunists may try show their applications higher in search). And Apple and Google have policies designed to ensure that COVID-19 searches show applications that can help protect you.

These specific applications are * Chef’s Kiss * and Emoji Me Animated Faces Children applications, in case you are curious.

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