Amazon Luna, Alexa, Echo, Fire TV and Ring event: All announced

Amazon Luna, Alexa, Echo, Fire TV and Ring event: All announced

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At today’s event, Amazon surprised us with the cloud-gaming service Luna, as well as the expected updates to the Echo, Fire TV and Ring product line. The event helps Amazon build reputation as we enter the festive shopping season and for the first time, Primary Day (The annual sale usually takes place in July, but this year it is scheduled to start on October 13.) This means that Alexa is everywhere privacy concerns, which were a big story in 2019 for both Ring and Alexa. In a life-at-home, with millions of us hunting for long distances, the concepts of the connected home that Amazon has been developing for years have become more critical than ever.

The company’s Echo and Fire TV products will be the first to receive sustainability signals, and it is working to reduce power consumption across all devices with a new low-power function, a power dashboard integrated into Alexa and its commitment to build solar and wind farms for energy production that matches the consumption of all its devices.

Amazon Luna

$ 6 / month dating price.

The company is launching a cloud-gaming service over Amazon Web Services running on PCs, Fire TVs and even iOS. There is a Luna Plus game channel with an elaborate set of games and Amazon is partnering with Ubisoft for first day availability.

It has a custom $ 50 controller that connects directly to the cloud, not to the local device.

Amazon is entering a flow of games with Luna



4th generation Echo

$ 100

Redesigned with a new spherical shape and adapted to the acoustics of the room, the 4th generation Echo incorporates features in the Echo Plus. It is also a sidewalk bridge and incorporates neural network technology to accelerate Alexa.

Echo Dot 4th generation

$ 50

It gets the same redesign as the global Echo, but now has a sleek fabric and a better speaker.

Panda Echo Dot Kids Edition

Panda Echo Dot Kids Edition


Echo Dot Kids Edition 2020

$ 60

Also global, with some kid-friendly features, Kids Edition includes a voice profile for kids and Sidekick, which allows Alexa to read them.



Amazon announces the renewal of the Echo Dot with the watch speaker

Echo Dot with watch

$ 60

The dot. With a watch.

Amazon announces Echo Show 10

Echo Show 10

$ 250

It now has Zigbee and Sidewalk nodes and is much quieter when it rotates in your direction. For privacy, there is a built-in camera shutter and all Echo and Alexa will be instructed to check the privacy settings and “delete what I have ever said.” It will also support Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video.

Ειρο 6

$ 130

The Amazon Grid Network is receiving an upgrade to support for Wi-Fi 6 and ZigBee.

Amazon Introduces New Eero Grid Routers That Support Wi-Fi 6

Eero Pro 6

$ 230

The Pro 6 is basically the same as the Eero 6, but is designed to handle higher bandwidth – up to gigabit, as opposed to 500Mbps – connections.


Screenshot from CNET

“Alexa, I’m shooting”, makes the debut of the camera with the Traffic Stop function

Ring Car Connect

$ 200

Starting with Tesla, Connect uses a vehicle’s built-in external cameras to capture video in the event of something happening in the car while driving or parking.

Ring’s flying Home Home Cam robotic camera monitors more than your home

Always ring the camera at home

$ 250

Standalone camera that can fly into your home on a pre-programmed route or fly into a motion detection area.

Streaming Fire TV Stick Lite costs $ 30 basic version, $ 40 for 4K version

Fire TV Stick

$ 40

It’s more powerful than ever – faster with HDR and Dolby Atmos support – but uses less power.

Fire TV Stick Lite

$ 30

This model is for Full HD viewing and not 4K. Includes HDR support and Alexa Voice Remote Lite.

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