All Lives Matter protesters bring back George Floyd's death as a Black Lives Matter march

All Lives Matter protesters bring back George Floyd’s death as a Black Lives Matter march

The moment was videotaped by many people on both sides of the protest and posted on social media. “Black life doesn’t matter to anyone,” says a seemingly All Lives Matter protester.

The whole incident lasted a minute and 23 seconds, according to a video posted on social media by CNN.

The video appears to have been taken by an All Lives Matter protester and shows what happened before and after the Black Lives Matter march.

About 20 seconds before the police cars accompanying the Black Lives Matter march reach the All Lives Matter protesters, a man is found lying on the ground. Shortly afterwards, another man kneels on his neck and begins to represent Floyd’s death.

Other eyewitness accounts taken by Black Lives Matters demonstrate what happened next.

“I felt something was happening because the officers started moving us on the opposite side of the road as we walked closer to this area,” Russell Sampson, a Black Lives Matter trader, told CNN.

Ten seconds after police escorted the protesters as they approached, the kneeling man began to shout at them. “You are not complying, that is what is happening,” he shouted, pointing to the protesters below him. “Look … it didn’t comply! It didn’t comply. If it had complied, it wouldn’t have happened.”

The organizer of the Black Lives Matter protest in Franklinville, Daryan Fennal, told CNN she broke down in tears at the show.

“I saw mothers trying to cover their children’s eyes,” he told CNN.

“Racism is everywhere, but what surprised me was that we displayed it in such a horrible and public way.”

After the protesters pass by, the man who is shooting the video starts commenting on the Black Lives Matter protesters.

“Black life doesn’t matter to anyone,” he is quoted as saying in the video. “All lives are important. All lives are important. The police are vital. God bless the police.

Correctional worker suspended, FedEx employee fired

The performance received rave reviews as the videos were widely shared on social media.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has condemned the behavior, saying “mocking Floyd’s murder” underestimates calls for justice from our black and brown communities.

After the videos surfaced and rage surfaced on the Internet, the New Jersey Department of Corrections said it had suspended an officer who said he was “involved in filming a hateful and frustrating video that mocked the murder of George Floyd.”

The department has also launched a “thorough and rapid” search for the officer.

A source familiar with the situation told CNN that the suspended officer was Joseph DeMarco, who has worked at NJDOC for at least 18 years. The source said that after a “conversation” with his union on Tuesday, Demarco retained a private lawyer. DeMarco was due to be interviewed by NJDOC’s internal affairs on Wednesday morning, according to the source.

A hearing will be held after the internal affairs make their recommendation and then it will be decided whether DeMarco has been suspended with or without remuneration, the source said.

Many calls from CNN to DeMarco have not been returned.

The president of the local union, William Sullivan, told CNN that the union – which represents about 6,000 correctional officers in New Jersey – was notified of the incident at about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday after “many officers called and were upset”.

“We must continue to exercise tolerance and understanding, not discrimination and hatred,” the union said in a statement on its Facebook page. “As a collective team, we pray for those who are in pain and we are here to help each of them heal.”

In a statement, FedEx said it had fired an employee allegedly seen in the video during the protest.

“FedEx maintains its team members in high standards of personal behavior and we do not tolerate the kind of horrific and offensive behavior depicted in this video. The person involved is no longer used by FedEx. We are with those who support justice. and equality, ‚ÄĚreads the statement.

CNN continues to try to contact the former FedEx employee for comment, as well as the corrector sender.

However, Daryann Fennal, the organizer of Black Lives Matter, says this will not take away her efforts. He says he can’t “undo” the representation and calls it scary and scary. “Despite the horrific incident we saw, I remain optimistic about the future and hope that at least we have reached the heart of one person yesterday,” he said.

CNN’s Alta Spells, Taylor Romine and Lauren del Valle contributed to this report.

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