Alex Trebek's home in Canada seeks to honor him with a public work of art: exhibition

Alex Trebek’s home in Canada seeks to honor him with a public work of art: exhibition

Alex Trebek Greater Sudbury, Ontario, hopes to celebrate the end “Risk!“Star.

It was confirmed on Sunday that Trebek died at the age of 80 after a long battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. After hosting the iconic toy show since 1984, he became somewhat of a homeland hero in his native Canada. Now, the city mayor is expected to take steps to honor him in public.

According TMZMayor Brian Beger has made requests on social media for the erection of some kind of public work of art in honor of Trebek for attention in his homeland. While the ideas for a mural or a statue have been transferred, Bigger proposes connecting the famous TV personality with a new public library to be built in the coming years.

Representatives for the city of Greater Sudbury did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.


However, Bigger told TMZ that nothing has been decided yet, but that he intends to bring the ideas to the next City Council meeting to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. He added that whatever the city decides to do, it will only proceed with the blessing of the Trebek family, which has not yet reached an attempt to give them time to mourn.

Alex Trebek’s homeland in Canada prepares to honor the late “Jeopardy!” star.
(Stewart Cook / ABC via Getty Images)

Although the city is waiting to proceed with any kind of public artwork, it still gave citizens the opportunity to utter the late “Jeopardy!” host in their own way. Bigger took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that the city had created a virtual book of condolences that citizens were free to use to leave a message for Trebek and his family.

“On behalf of @GreaterSudbury I want to express our condolences to the Trebek family.” the mayor wrote in a Twitter thread.


“Alex Trebek enjoyed international stars, while maintaining the northern charm and spirit that followed him wherever he went. “Millions of people welcomed him into their homes every night for decades, but when you met him, I really felt like he was an old family friend.” “Alex was an amazing ambassador for Greater Sudbury and he was really responsible for putting our city on the map for the world to know. He was loved, respected and will miss him. However, his legacy and memory will long be part of Greater Sudbury’s proud history. “


The city of Greater Sudbury has joined the myriad of fans, celebrities and former “Jeopardy!” contestants who felt compelled to pay tribute to the late star following news of his death.

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