A cyclist helps catch a suspected killer by lending an officer to his wheels

A cyclist helps catch a suspected killer by lending an officer to his wheels

On Tuesday, officers searched an area in the city’s Old Fourth Ward, where a deadly shooting occurred when they spotted the suspect, according to a press release from the Atlanta Police Department.

The man immediately left the area by bicycle and drove away BeltLine, a popular multi-purpose trail that crosses the city, the statement said.

Stephen Willard told CNN he was riding his bicycle at home when he noticed police chasing him.

“I’m going home from work … and the next thing I see is APD officers running towards me,” Willard said. “The next thing I know is that one of the officers is waving his arms and signaling me and saying, ‘Hello, let me borrow your bike!’ “”

Willard took out his bicycle and gave it to the police officer.

The video of the camera posted by the police on the internet captures the officer walking under BeltLine and on busy streets of the city while maintaining the suspect. In audio, it provides updates on the location of the suspect.

After a few minutes, the bicycle officer goes up to the Ponce City Market, a mixed use development. Another officer is already taking the suspect into custody.

“We took him, we took him, we took him,” says the cycling officer.

Meanwhile, Willard had called the court and informed the police where he was waiting. After 30 to 40 minutes, the policeman returned on his bicycle.

“He was really excited to catch the man and thank me enough,” Willard said. “I said, you appreciate it, although your voices complain out loud, you appreciate it.”

Willard and the officer parted ways.

“It was great and it made me feel good and everything worked out very well,” said Willard. “They took the suspect and I got my bike back in one piece.”

Nicholas Fonsaca, 21, of Atlanta, was arrested and charged with murder, according to police. A 37-year-old man was shot dead on Sunday, police said.

Fonsaka is being held in Fulton County Jail and police told CNN it is unknown if she has a lawyer at the moment.

“We are proud of the work undertaken by our investigators in this case and proud of the efforts made by our officers in the search and arrest of this dangerous suspect,” Atlanta police said in a statement.

“In addition, we are grateful for the help of the cyclist who lends us his bike. With the help of the community, we can make the city of Atlanta safer.”

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